Dusty On The Moon

Far far away in a place called the Moon
lived Dusty Bubble and his space dog called Spoon.

Dusty had moved there "when he was just three"
on a big rocket ship with this whole family.

For on the moon they had built "Space Bio Domes"
and that's where Dusty and Spoon (His dog) made their home.

You see Spoon was a robot specially designed.
 Made just for the moon called a robot K-9.

Now Dusty had space boots at the foot of his bed
and a fish bowl shaped helmet he wore on his head.

each morning he climbed into his special made suit
and snapped on his helmet and strapped on his boots.

To walk on the moon and stay on the ground
you need weights in your boots or you'll float around.

Spoons job was to protect Dusty as he traveled in space.
work on the Dome Farm dangerous place

Each day they would travel to space station school
in a yellow Space Shuttle that was totally cool.

As soon as the Space Bus finished its docking
They went to the Gym to practice space walking.

And then on to class to study the stars and learn about black holes or the red planet Mars.

The fire in Haley's Comet or Saturn's Orange rings,
The Milky Way galaxy and other space things.

for lunch they had peanut butter and macaroni and cheese
 that came in a special made Tube that you squeeze.

And sometimes they would get to go on field trips and visits the planets in small rocket ships.

and avoiding the asteroids that floated in space to the edge of our solar system they all would race.

And once they rounded Pluto they turned back towards the sun and rocket past Venus and Jupiter for fun.

then circling the earth they'd finished their day by landing their craft into space cargo bay.

and when they stepped out onto the Moon Lake that night as they looked up they could see space satellites.

Let's go get your telescope too dusty said spoon and looked back at the man who look up at the moon.

Written by Christopher Goeller